When it comes to optimizing trips, we use a combined approach that takes into account the following factors:

  • Wait time

  • Manual sorting + Optimize

  • Fastest route

Combined, these methods will help you gain the most efficiencies with your team.

Wait Time

When trips are created or modified, they are always optimized using our wait time algorithm. Whether it's a shuttle, delivery, or errand, our trips are sorted on a first come first serve basis. This is how the wait time is calculated:

  • For ASAP trips, the amount of time it takes to arrive at the first address + the time since the trip was created.

  • For Scheduled trips, the amount of time it takes to arrive at the first address - the time until the trip is scheduled.

Manual Sorting

While the trips are automatically sorted using the wait time algorithm, you may want to set up your own custom order for how the trips should be completed. This is where manual sorting comes in handy.

Let's say your drivers are performing deliveries, and one customer urgently needs their order right away. Or, you perform a pickup service, and there's a client you want to please as much as possible with a short wait time.

In both these cases, you could use manual sorting to reorder these trips at the top of the list. Simply click+hold on the four arrows and drag the trip where you'd like it.

The Optimize Button

If ever you've reordered many trips manually, and you want to reoptimize your trips to the default view, then you just need to click on the Optimize button.

Please note that the optimize button will undo any manual sorting changes you've made. If you don't want to undo all of your changes, you can also Optimize using trip filters - this way you'll only reoptimize the trips that you're currently looking at.

Fastest Route

Once a driver has Accepted multiple trips, he or she may choose to tap on the Optimize button displayed on their screen. Now, instead of using wait time, ShuttleControl will optimize according to the fastest possible route.

This will also change the view displayed on the dispatcher's screen. They will now see the exact order that the driver is using to complete all the trips.

Before Optimize

After Optimize

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