Before you start making trips, you must select a vehicle.

Accept and Complete a Trip

Once the dispatcher creates a trip, you will get notified (make sure you turn on notifications for the ShuttleControl app) and the trip will appear in the bell tab if it is ASAP or scheduled for later:

If the dispatcher scheduled multiple trips, you will be able to view these in order of their timing's priority:

  • The first trip (Shuttle Pickup) is scheduled ASAP so it appears first on your screen. The second trip (Valet Pickup) is scheduled for a later time so it appears second.

To begin a trip, tap the ACCEPT button, and confirm that you accept this trip.

  • With this workflow, after you accept a trip, you will be able to send a tracking link to the customer.

  • Tap the NEXT button when you are on your way for the pickup:

Once you have completed the first step, tap the NEXT button:

Once you have completed the next step (in this case: Bring customer to store), tap the COMPLETE button to conclude your trip:

Activate or Schedule a Pending Trip

If a dispatcher creates a pending trip, it will not appear under the bell tab. Instead, you will be able to see a number next to the Pending tab indicating the number of pending trips:

  • As a Driver, you can ACTIVATE the trip once you are ready to start it, or you can SCHEDULE TRIP for a specific date and time.

If you choose to schedule a trip, an appointment window will appear for you to select a date and time for the trip and then hit CONFIRM:

  • The scheduled trip will now appear in the main bell tab.

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