Saving default addresses and creating message templates are some of the steps you may include in your workflows to save time and automatically send text messages to your customers.

First, select Stores from the Manage tab, then click on the Manage setting next to a store:

Favorite Places

Select Favorite Places from the left-hand side menu:

The Favorite Places setting can be used for workflows that use a default place on a workflow step in order to speed up trip creation.

To create a new place, click on the + Place icon and then insert your favorite address:

Now, the next time you start typing the address for this place, it will show up immediately as an option to choose from.

Message Templates

Select Message Templates from the left-hand side menu:

To create a new message template, click on the + Message Template icon:

To edit an existing template, click on Edit next to a specific message template.

You can edit a template's name, language, as well as insert a customer's name, a store's name and address, and a tracking link in your message:

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