Each trip you create using ShuttleControl is associated with a workflow. By creating workflows, you are able to customize your trips depending on the type of trips you make.

First, select Stores from the Manage tab:

Next, select the Manage button next to the store you would like to assign workflows to:

From this view, select Workflows from the settings list on the left-hand side of the screen:

To create a new Workflow, start by selecting:

To manage and edit your workflows, click on the Edit button:

A two-sided window will appear where you can edit your workflow name, description, and other settings.

Workflow Steps allow you to define each step for a given trip. In the example above, the Workflow is called Shuttle Dropoff, and the Workflow Steps are:

  1. Send tracking link

  2. Onboard Customer

  3. Dropoff Customer

Let's go into detail to better understand each step:

1. Send tracking link

This step is made to send a tracking link to customers. It is a Message type and includes a Message Template that was created:

2. Onboard Customer

This step is made to specify that the same address will always be used when onboarding a customer. It is a Place type and includes a Default Place that is saved:

3. Dropoff Customer

This last step is for specifying a default address when dropping off a client. It is a Place type and includes a Default Place that is saved. In this case, we don't know the client's address, so we select No default:

Once you have created all your workflows, you can go ahead and start creating trips for your drivers.

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