Have you experienced a blank page problem when accessing the ShuttleControl platform?

We'll look at some things that can cause a blank screen:

  • Browser: Internet Explorer

  • Overloaded server

  • Connection problems with your monitor or screen

Let's go through some troubleshooting steps and check your software to get you back on track.

1. Browser: Internet Explorer

Please note that we do not support Internet Explorer as a browser. The reason for this is that Microsoft no longer maintains this browser, and encourages people to use Microsoft Edge instead.

If you're using Internet Explorer, try using a different browser to fix the issue. Here are a few examples of modern browsers that you can use for ShuttleControl:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox Mozilla

  • Microsoft Edge

2. Overloaded server

You use a browser every day to check your email, look at your social media accounts, and maybe buy something. Your browser holds onto all of this information, and over time it could cause problems with logging in or bringing up websites.

It’s always recommended to clear out the cache, or browser history, and clear cookies on a regular basis. The drawback to this is that your saved usernames and passwords will be deleted and you’ll need to re-enter them. But on the plus side, your privacy is more secure and your browser will work better.


1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
2. Select Tools.
3. Select Clear browsing data.
4. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
5. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time (all time for Macbook) to delete everything.
6. Click Clear browsing data.


Empty the cache:

1. Open Safari.
2. Choose Safari > Empty Cache, and then click Empty.
3. Reload the current page
4. While viewing a webpage using Safari, choose View > Reload Page, or click the Reload icon (curved arrow) in the Safari address field.

Reloading a page always shows you the latest version of the page, bypassing the cache.

Delete cookies:

1. Open Safari.

2. Choose Safari > Preferences, and then click Privacy.
3. Click Details.
4. Select one or more websites that store cookies, and then click Remove or Remove All.
5. When you finish removing websites, click Done.


Clear cache:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox 29.
2. Click the Menu button (the one with three horizontal lines) and then choose Options.
3. If Options is not listed in the menu, click Customize and drag Options from the list of Additional Tools and Features over to the Menu.
Note: If you're using the menu bar, choose Tools and then Options instead.

Firefox for Mac: On a Mac, choose Preferences from the Firefox menu and then continue as instructed below.

1. With the Options window now open, click the Privacy tab.
2. In the History tab, click the clear your recent history link.
3. In the Clear Recent History window that appears, set the Time range to clear: to Everything.
4. In the list at the bottom of the window, uncheck everything except for Cache.
5. Note: If you wish to clear other kinds of stored data, feel free to check the appropriate boxes. They will be cleared with the cache in the next step.
6. Tip: Don't see anything to check? Click the button next to Details.
7. Click on the Clear Now button.
8. When the Clear Recent History window disappears, all of the files saved (cached) from your Internet browsing activities in Firefox will have been removed.

Older versions of Firefox, particularly Firefox 4 through Firefox 28, have fairly similar processes for clearing the cache.

3. Connection problems with your monitor or screen

Make sure your computer is connected to a wifi network by attempting to load any other website.

If the blank page problem appears to only be related to the ShuttleControl platform, check with your IT department to make sure the software isn't blocked.

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