Follow the instructions in the video to set-up a valet service using ShuttleControl. Detailed instructions can be found below the video.

  1. As an admin, select Stations from the Manage tab in the dashboard.

2. Click on Create Station.

3. Fill-in the required information.

When filling out the information, follow the guidelines below: 

Name: Insert your dealership name and add Valet Service.
Address: Insert the address of your dealership offering the valet service.
Default Language: Select your preferred language.
Timezone: Select your time zone.
Phone number: Select the number clients will see when the text message is sent. 

4. Select Shuttles from the Manage tab and then click on Edit next to the vehicles you will use for the service to your new station.  

5. Scroll down to Stations and select your new service station to associate the vehicle and click Save Changes.

The vehicle you select can now accept trips from all stations that it is associated to. 

6. Select Users from the Manage tab and then Edit next to the admins, dispatchers, and drivers who will create and complete trips associated with the new station. 

7. Scroll down to Stations to add your new station and click Save Changes.

Ensure you do this for all dispatchers, drivers, and admins who will be creating or completing trips for your new service. 

8. You can navigate to Stations from the Manage tab and click Manage next to your new station.

You can now see all associated vehicles by clicking on Shuttles and all associated users by clicking on Users in the left tab.

9. Click on Message templates to change the text message that will be sent to the client when the trip is confirmed. 

If you are offering a valet service we recommend changing the text message to:

"Hello {{{passengerName}}}, your valet is on its way! {{{passengerAppUrl}}}. Reply 'stop' to stop receiving messages."

Remember to click Save Changes once you have entered the correct message.

10. You can now start creating trips for your new service!

When creating a Valet trip, make sure to select your new station and follow the guidelines below.

When you are picking up a vehicle at a client's house, input the client's address as the origin, and the destination as your valet station. 

When you are dropping-off a vehicle at a client's house input the client's address in the destination and the origin as your valet station (clicking YES on return trip will automatically do this in Pending trips).

When your driver has embarked in the client's vehicle he can press the Passenger Boarded button. 

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