Quick Fix

  • If your shuttle was tracking, but now it seems to be stuck in one spot, it may have lost connection. To re-establish the connection, your driver just has to close and reopen the app.

To close the app using an iPhone, double-click on the "home" button at the bottom, and then swipe up until ShuttleControl is no longer on the screen.

To close the app using an Android phone, click on the square at the bottom right of the phone. Next you can swipe it off the screen, or just press X.

Once that's done, click on the ShuttleControl App to reopen it. This will reset the driver's location.

Still having issues with tracking?

1. Update ShuttleControl

2. Update software version on your smartphone

  1. Update software version for Android.

  2. Update software version for Apple.

3. Try resetting Location & Privacy settings on your iPhone.

You'll need to give permission for ShuttleControl to use location again after this reset. Make sure this is set to Always.

4. Reset Network Settings

Updating your network settings might also refresh the data for your GPS.

This reset doesn’t erase any data but does clear your stored WiFi passwords, current cellular and Wi-Fi network settings, including saved networks and VPN settings.

5. Turn Off Battery-Saving Mode

  • You should also make sure that the location is enabled at all times for the ShuttleControl app, and that cellular data is on.

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