Create a User

Select Users from the Manage tab:

From the Users tab, click:

There are 3 user roles to choose from in ShuttleControl:

  • Driver: Receive and complete trip requests from the dispatcher or admin.

  • Dispatcher: Create trip requests for the driver(s).

  • Admin: Create trip requests for the driver(s), but can also create users.

Enter the User’s role, email address, first and last name, phone number, language, and assigned store.

Then click:

Each new user will receive an email, where they can finish their account setup.

Users will click Setup Account

Users then set a password (must be 8 characters long), and confirm that they are not a robot.

  • Admins and Dispatchers will have the option to log in.

  • Drivers will need to download the ShuttleControl Driver application.

Edit a User

To edit an existing user, go to the Manage tab and select Users:

Click the Edit button next to the user you wish to edit:

  • You can edit a user's email address, name, phone number, language, and role. You can also assign or unassign users to specific stores.

  • You can create a login card for users to log in by scanning a QR code. Simply click on Print and open the automatically downloaded picture to print or send a login card.

Deactivate a User

From the view above, you can also place your cursor over the three dots next to Save:

Once you click on Deactivate User, that user will no longer have access to ShuttleControl.

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