Create a Trip

As a Dispatcher, under the Trips section, click: 

Next, enter the customer's information and trip details.

Customer information includes the customer’s name, phone number, language preference, and the number of passengers. 

Trip details include the station, the type of workflow, the origin and destination, and if the trip is booked now, scheduled, or pending. You can provide notes for the driver and a reference number. You can also select the dispatcher creating the trip and assign a specific driver.

Once done, click:

Scheduled Trips

When creating a trip, you can schedule it for a specific date and time by clicking on Scheduled instead of Pending.

Scheduled trips will appear on the main dashboard. To book a scheduled trip now, select Edit trip, then Book now.

Return Trips

Return trips use previous information to create the same trip, but with reversed locations. 

Pending Trips

To create a return trip that hasn't been previously scheduled, click on the Pending tab:

Select Activate trip if you would like to book it immediately, or Schedule trip:

Cancel a Trip

To cancel a trip, click on:

Clear a Trip

When a customer boards the shuttle, you will not be able to cancel the trip, since the customer is already on the way.

If your driver is no longer available and did not press Complete on a trip, you can mark the trip as complete by simply clicking on Clear trip:

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