Creating Trips

As a Dispatcher, click:

plus trip

Next, enter the client information and trip details.

Client information includes the client’s name, phone number, language preference and the number of passengers

Trip details include the origin (client’s current location), the destination (client’s future location), and if the trip is booked now or scheduled. There are also notes for the driver.

Once done, click:

Clicking this button sends all of the information to your shuttle driver's mobile phone.

Accept & Complete a Trip

As a Driver, when a new trip is created it will appear in the bell tab. The Driver taps Accept when ready to start the trip, and confirms that he accepts the trip.

  • After you accept a trip, you will be able to send notes to the dispatcher and a tracking link to the customer.

  • Tap the NEXT button when you are on your way for the pickup:

Once you have picked up your customer, vehicle, or parts, tap the NEXT button:

Once you have brought your customer, vehicle, or parts to the store, tap the COMPLETE button to conclude your trip:

When a trip is accepted, the client will receive a text with a link to a map. The client will be able to see the shuttle's position in real-time.

A driver can also activate or schedule a pending trip, as well as use maps to arrive at the destination.

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